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Model, Actress, Comedienne, Improvisational Empress - ario, Grand Czarina, Burlesque Artist, Radio Personality, Columnist, Shameless Self Promoter and Renaissance Woman - all so Deliciously and Seductively rolled up into one Vivacious Va - Va - Va - Boom ...Naturally Blonde Bombshell!

Katherine The Great - a Divine Diva and Darling of the media - is definitely a Vancouver Legend - to longingly lust after and fall Handsome Head over Happy Heels - in Love with
As you leisurely listen to the Deep, Rich tones of her Sexy voice that Forever speaks volumes - you begin to so Magically remember what a Real, Live and Luscious Bombshell is so Deliciously and Desirably made of...
You may contact Katherine at +1 (604) 612-1806 or/and greatness.kat@gmail.com to book your next Explosion of a more than a Memorable Event.

P.S. - After all, isn't it always about making a first Great impression!

I would like to thanks all my loyal fans, clients, friends, and trusted performers for their patience as I update my site and put all the pretty pieces where they all so beautifully belong.

All The Breast, Katherine

To book me and mine ... please email: greatness.kat@gmail.com and/or ph:+1 (604) 612-1806 for your next outrageous event, special evening, birthday bash, or 'just because it's Monday
Presently updating pages. Thanks for your patience. Please contact KTG - +1 (604) 612-1806
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